Longport Pullover (Navy)

$ 99.00
*may shrink when washed, please consider during sizing.
Forward Thinking
While we praise cotton for comfort, it has evolved little over time. By adding Lycra to our fabric, we've combined performance properties including; stretchmoisture-wicking, and breathability.
City Friendly
As bike commuters, we're often weaving between traffic and daily responsibilities. Our schedules are exciting and we need clothing that reflects our pace.
Outdoor Ready
Leaving the city is not always an option, but we regularly find ourselves outdoors and making the most of our time. Fairwear shirts provide freedom to explore at every corner.


With shirts designed for adventure, your satisfaction is paramount. While we strive to achieve an inclusive experience, even the most seasoned explorers can lose their way. If something could have been better, please let us make it right!

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