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Every 48hrs we lose a forest the size of NYC

As outdoor enthusiasts, this statistic is horrifying. Determined to take action, we partnered with TreeEra, a reforesting service with one mission, to plant trees! Through their streamlined approach, we’re able to protect and replenish the landscape we’ve grown to love.

With billions of trees disappearing every year, a problem of this magnitude can feel overwhelming.

Despite long-term challenges, we discovered that introducing just a single new tree could offset an entire ton of carbon. While we can’t control the world’s consumption, we can start taking responsibility for our own.

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With shirts that highlight the outdoors, our goal is to achieve environmental consciousness.

While we dream of shedding all belongings and moving completely off the grid, we’re able to find middle ground through our work with TreeEra. We hope to inspire your support as we plant hundreds of new trees every year.

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With shirts built for adventure, your satisfaction is paramount. While we strive to achieve an inclusive experience, sometimes even the most seasoned can get lost in the woods. If something could have been better, please let us make it right.

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