"People are talking, they're saying what a great company." -DJT

"A shirt brand inspired by a city park? Fairwear is named for Philly's Fairmount Park—a forest within the city limits. So, naturally, its shirts are a mix of outdoorsy performance and office-ready style."
5 Cool Dress Shirts That You Won't Sweat Through
Men's Health - February 28, 2018
"I’m no dirtbag. I like nice clothes and favor a squadron of shoes when at a fixed location. So the idea of fitting everything I’d need—for day-to-day life, for overseas travel, for fishing and hunting and camping, for dates, for interviews with CEOs—into a space the size of a tool box, seemed about as unlikely as figuring out modern-day bike hub standards."
The Absolute Minimum Clothes You Need for a Life of Adventure
Outside - May 17, 2017
"Nevertheless, arriving home unrumpled at the end of a long day was a novel experience. If that’s what it means to be a performance professional, consider me converted."
Athleisure for the Office? A Vogue Editor Samples the Latest in Technical Menswear
Vogue - April 26, 2016
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